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Values-based financial planning for women who want to live abundantly.

Let’s align your values and vision to create a plan that secures your financial future while you live well today.

Living abundantly means making the most of your life and your finances.

We do this by prioritizing what matters most to you in life and aligning your money around those values.
I’ll be your guide by listening to you, answering your questions and helping you navigate choices. I am:


I am not affiliated with a bank, broker/dealer or insurance company that expects me to meet sales targets. I work for you.


I don’t sell products or take commissions or referral fees of any kind.


I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER who puts your best interest first. Always.


I discuss your finances in plain language, without jargon.


In this relationship, I’m the guide and you’re the thinking partner. We design your plan together.

No one should have to feel like money is a foreign language.

We’ll work together to design your financial future and put you in control of what can sometimes feel like financial whack-a-mole. I’ll help you find clarity and see the path ahead, so you can spend more time living life and less time wondering if you’re doing this right.

Ongoing Financial Planning

Just like life, money is dynamic.

Money is also the #1 source of stress for women in the US.

The good news is that a solid financial plan can help turn that stress into a source of strength.

That’s because financial planning isn’t a one-time event. It is an on-going, collaborative process that flows with your life. When surprises arise, you have the tools to navigate with confidence.

Investment Management

You deserve to have your money be a source of strength.

Did you know that multiple studies have found that women achieve better investment returns than men? I’m talking about regular people, not professionals. You. A main reason is that once we’ve evaluated our choices and made a plan, women tend to stay the course during times of uncertainty.

My investing approach helps you focus on the long term with confidence by:

Not trying to out-guess the market.
Creating low-cost, diversified portfolios that let you “set it and forget it.”
Minimizing taxes through multi-year planning.
Educating you on how investing works.